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Milkmakers® Prenatal and Breastfeeding Products

Milkmakers® products are designed to support mom’s health and wellness from the inside out, making pregnancy and early motherhood a little easier on mom. We embrace expecting mamas with pregnancy-conscious skincare products, prenatal teas and more. And we support new moms on breastfeeding or pumping journeys with lactation support products that help boost milk supply. Whether you’re pregnant, nursing, or looking for a thoughtful gift for a new mom, Milkmakers® is here for you.

Prenatal Care to Pamper Mom-to-Be

Bring on the bump! Mom’s health begins the moment you get pregnant, and prenatal care should include self-care in addition to those regular doctor visits. While Milkmakers® is known for lactation products, we also have prenatal care products designed to support a healthy pregnancy, like belly masks, iron supplements, and more. Give yourself a maternity spa day with an Epsom salt-infused bath – followed by all-natural balm for itchy bellies. And when you can’t keep anything down, our pregnancy tea and lozenges help bring welcome relief from morning sickness, nausea and heartburn. Pregnancy isn’t easy, so we help nurture mama’s well-being as she nurtures her bump.

Breastfeeding Products to Support Lactation

From breastfeeding issues to sleepless nights, the postpartum period can be especially fraught for new moms. Finding a groove can be challenging during the fourth trimester and beyond! Milkmakers® has a variety of lactation consultant recommended products designed to support nursing moms – because we know that worrying about milk supply can be all-consuming (just remember that fed is best!). Looking for a delicious and natural way to increase supply? Our lactation cookies, snacks and teas are made with wholesome ingredients known to help boost milk production. If you have cracked nipples from direct breastfeeding, we have a natural balm for that too. Bring on the milk!

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Gift Sets for Expecting and New Moms

Looking to surprise an expecting or a new mom with a thoughtful gift set? Our Milkmakers Sample Gift Set includes a combination of lactation tea, lactation bars, and lactation cookie bites – it’s the perfect way for breastfeeding moms to give our lactation products a try!

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