Replacement Spouts for Click Lock™ Bite Proof Sippy Cups, 2pk

2 Pack
Color Light Blue

Replacements to the rescue!

  • Includes: (2) bite-proof sippy cup replacement spouts
  • Ultra-soft, durable and super gentle on gums
  • Flexible spout with valve to prevent spills
  • Compatible with Click Lock™ Bite-Proof Sippy Cup
  • BPA-free & top rack dishwasher safe
  • 6+ months


Sippy cup parts have a mysterious and frustrating tendency to disappear, like socks in the laundry. Why not keep some extras on hand when they do? Don’t get caught spoutless ever again with this two-pack of universal replacement spouts that fit your toddler’s beloved Click Lock™ sippy cup. Whether your little one prefers a trainer or sippy cup, these universal replacement spouts will have them using their favorite cup again in no time. No more playing hide and seek with missing spouts? We'll gladly raise our cups to that!