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Once you’re settled into having a baby at home and are ready to get back into your regular routines, you’ll quickly discover that traveling with a baby in tow requires having a whole lot more stuff! While traveling with a baby can have its challenges, if you’re prepared and well-equipped, it can be a lot less overwhelming - dare we say even relaxing and fun!

Check out our top tips for traveling with a baby and then shop our essential baby travel gear items so you’ll be ready for any trip, whether it’s a short trip to the grocery store or a day trip to visit a loved one.

Car Seat Essentials

From baby car seat covers and canopies for car seats to car seat transporters and Brica car seat travel bags to seat belt positioners and car seat buckle magnets, we’ve got you covered in the car seat accessories department. These items will make transporting your car seat convenient and keeping your baby protected easy.

Baby Travel Car Accessories and Organizers

Keep your car organized and your baby safe with our selection of the best car travel gear.

Shop our selection of car window shades for baby, baby car mirrors, backseat car organizers and more to find everything you need to make every trip more comfortable and safe for your baby - and wonderfully organized for you.

Baby Travel Strollers

No matter where you’re headed, bringing a baby travel stroller and stroller organizer is essential. Trust us, even trips that are intended to be super quick can end up taking longer than anticipated and you’ll appreciate having this gear with you.

Travel strollers and stroller accessories are also great to have for spontaneous stops at a park or strolls in your favorite downtown shopping and dining area.