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Diaper Pails

A diaper pail is the best place to store dirty diapers until garbage day. These modern devices offer a practical, space-saving solution for keeping your baby’s room or another diaper changing area in your home clean and odor-free until you take out the trash.

How Does a Diaper Pail Work?

A diaper pail is basically a garbage can that’s specifically designed to store dirty diapers (both disposable ones and cloth ones) and is a fabulous investment for new parents. The main feature that differentiates a diaper pail from a regular trash can is that diaper pails are sealed to prevent unpleasant odors from escaping into (and stinking up) your home.

Diaper pails can temporarily block the inevitably unpleasant odor of dirty diapers for several days at a time. A good diaper pail will effectively seal in the not-so-fresh odor and reduce the number of times you need to take out the diaper garbage.

Diaper Pail Accessories

Stock up on diaper pail bag refills to ensure you never run out of bags – especially in the middle of a diaper change! In addition to our Munchkin refill rings, our diaper pails - STEP™, PAIL™, and our newest diaper pail innovation, Toss™ Disposable Diaper Pail, are also compatible with Arm & Hammer™ Diaper Pail Refill Rings and Nursery Fresh® Diaper Pail Refills.

For extra protection against diaper odors, get an Arm & Hammer Puck™ Baking Soda Cartridge to place in your diaper pail. It helps absorb odors and features a nice, mild lavender scent that aids in masking any remaining odors.

What about the times you aren’t home and need to change your baby’s diaper without the convenience of a fully stocked nursery organizer and a diaper pail? Check out our helpful post about what to pack in a diaper bag so you’ll be prepared for diaper changes whenever you’re out and about!