Swing + Baby Bloom™ Mobile

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Hello, extra set of hands.

  • Modern infant swing + high-contrast mobile set
  • Bluetooth-enabled and pre-loaded with classical music & ambient sounds
  • Modern infant swing + high-contrast mobile set
  • Five soothing ranges of motion mimic swaying from side to side
  • High-tech design with touchscreen display and remote control
  • Great baby shower, sprinkle, or welcome baby gift idea
  • For babies up to 20 lbs.
    • 1 × Swing
    • 1 × Baby Bloom™ Mobile Add-On


Sometimes you need to carry less and do more. The Swing is easily the best seat in the house–second only to baby’s snug spot in your arms! Bluetooth-enabled with clean lines and a smart touchscreen design, this modern swing is perfect for when you just want a break (or need to make dinner). Use the remote to control speed and five soothing ranges of motion. Add a deeper sense of calm with classical music from Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and Chopin, or play your baby’s favorite songs straight from your phone. The seat disassembles into two parts, so storage is a breeze–and its packability makes it easy to take to grandma’s house, your next getaway, or simply room to room. Our Baby Bloom™ Mobile makes the Swing even better! Babies can distinguish patterns before they can see color, which is why this high-contrast mobile is perfect for developing eyes. The black and white design and center mirror stimulate their senses while helping them learn how to focus. Created for Swing, this eye-catching addition is a true must-have. Get them both and keep baby calm, safe, and entertained all at once!