TheraBurpee™ Colic & Fever Rescue Kit

Hot & cold therapy burp cloths

Tummy tamer, fever reliever.

  • The must-have item for any new parent: a multipurpose treatment kit that uses hot & cold therapy in combination with specially designed burp cloths to soothe a variety of baby ailments, particularly colic and fever
  • 100% cotton burp cloths with multiple built-in pockets that hold gel packs and allow localized treatment depending on the ailment
  • Harnesses natural remedies to help ease discomfort – heat for colic and upset tummy, cold for temperatures, inflammation, and teething pain
  • 4 piece set includes: 2 ultra soft contoured burp cloths, 2 hot and cold gel packs
  • Premium, fabric-covered gel packs are microwaveable and stay flexible when frozen
  • Safe to use with babies from birth
  • Great for nursing moms to ease breastfeeding ailments like blocked milk ducts or engorgement: use TheraBurpee™ to heal both mom and baby at the same time!
  • Effective for easing minor bumps and bruises even after baby's outgrown the burping stage
  • Additional burp cloths and gel packs sold separately
  • For additional wellness benefits, check out the aromatherapy version: TheraBurpee™ with Essential Oils
  • HSA / FSA eligible


Sometimes, no amount of cuddling does the trick to soothe your little one. Whether baby is teething, sick or colicky, you might both need a little extra comfort and support. Theraburpee™ Colic and Fever Rescue Kit is here to help!

Created by Laura Biedebach, a certified medical massage practitioner, mother of 4 and grandmother of 6, TheraBurpee™ was born from a desire to help ease common infancy ailments. These premium burp cloths are made of absorbent, 100% cotton with specially-designed, built-in pockets that hold fabric-covered gel packs that can be used hot or cold therapy. Try the soft hot pack on baby’s tummy—a natural, holistic remedy for colic symptoms or gas pain—or alleviate your own blocked milk ducts and nursing-related pain..

Apply the cold pack to baby's face and chest to help reduce fever, or ice bruises and bumps. When snuggles aren’t enough, TheraBurpee™ works extra hard to help soothe all kinds of fussies—the natural way. TheraBurpee™ is the perfect registry gift—a must-have for any new parent!