Toddler Dining Set with Splash Utensils, 16pcs

16 Piece Set

Set the table for feeding independence!

  • Durable everyday dinnerware for toddlers beginning to self-feed ™ perfect for boys and girls 18 months and up
  • Includes parent favorites like Splash™ utensils and the top-rated Multi™ plates, bowls and cups
  • Collection of 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 cups (8 oz. size), 2 forks and 2 spoons
  • Ergonomic handles are easy for small hands to grip
  • Flatware picks up food with minimal effort to encourage independence
  • BPA free and top rack dishwasher safe
  • Wash before use; do not boil or steam sterilize
  • Plates and bowls are microwave safe


Before you know it, your baby will graduate from bottles to solids, then self-feeding bliss. Be prepared and fill your cupboard with the 16 Piece Toddler Dining Set, a colorful and durable collection of everyday dinnerware for kids. This complete starter set includes everything you need to brighten up mealtime! Mix and match the perfectly sized plates, bowls and cups with the included Splash™ utensils, which are ergonomic and easy to use. Since the forks and spoons are designed specifically for little mouths and hands, they help encourage self-feeding — and they're great for preschool and daycare lunchboxes, too. Cheers to supporting milestones, one kid-friendly meal at a time!