98° Digital Bottle Warmer Adapter for Comotomo™, Olababy™ & Boon Nursh™

Perfect temperature. Perfect fit.

  • Intended for Munchkin 98° Digital Bottle Warmer only
  • Bottle warmer adapter with O-ring ensures secure, leak‑proof fit
  • Use in conjunction with Comotomo™, Olababy™, and Boon Nursh™ baby bottles*
  • Please refer to manual for detailed cleaning and operating instructions


When using the 98° Digital Bottle Warmer, proper alignment is key. Ensure a perfect fit with special adapters designed specifically for use with Comotomo™, Olababy™, and Boon Nursh™ bottles!* These ring-shaped adapters are designed to connect the most popular baby bottle brands with ease. Just install the O‑ring into the adapter and screw it onto the warming base. Then twist, flip and press to warm milk to body temperature (98.6 degrees F). Not too hot, not too cold—the 98° Digital Bottle Warmer is always just right! And with this adapter, it's the perfect fit for baby's favorite bottle, too.

*These brands are trademarks of their respective owners