Added 'piece' of mind.

  • Includes 4 Circular Sticky Pads
  • Compatible with Munchkin Pressure Fit Gates
  • Circular Sticky Pads help secure Safety Gate Wall Cups to wall
  • Safety Gate Adjuster, sold separately


Have the pieces of your Munchkin Pressure Fit Gate extension gone missing? Not to worry! We have the perfect solution for you. This Circular Sticky Pad is great for securing your Munchkin Pressure Fit Gate to the wall. Phew! You can finally rest assured that your home will remains a hazard-free zone.

Compatible with the following Munchkin Pressure Fit Gates:

  • Auto Close Designer Gate (MK0094-001)
  • Auto Close Metal Gate (MK0006-022)
  • Wood and Steel Metal Gate (MK0007)
  • Easy Close Metal Gate (MK0002-012)
  • Easy Close Extra Tall & Wide Gate (MK0009-111)
  • It Fits™ Safety Gate (MKSA0569-022)