Colic Defense Collection

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Fend off the fuss!

  • Makes a thoughtful baby shower, sprinkle or welcome baby gift
  • Theraburpee™ remedy kit includes 2 ultra-soft contoured burp cloths plus 2 hot and cold gel packs
  • Shhh...™ white noise machine is compact, battery-operated and great for travel or home
  • Sit & Soak™ non-slip infant tub holds baby upright in a safe seated position
  • Bundle includes:
    • 1 Theraburpee™ Colic and Fever Rescue Kit
    • 1 Shhh...™ Portable Sound Machine
    • 1 Sit & Soak™ Dual-Stage Tub


Some days, no amount of cuddling or rocking will comfort a fussy baby! We've all been there, but help is on the way with Munchkin’s Colic Defense Baby Bundle. Whether you want to soothe a sick or teething child, upgrade your bedtime routine, or simply stock up the nursery, this hand-picked bundle will help get you through those long days and nights.

Theraburpee™ Colic and Fever Rescue Kit is a multipurpose treatment that uses hot & cold therapy with contoured burp cloths to soothe a variety of baby ailments from colic to fever. Help ease discomfort the natural way—with heat for colic and upset tummy, or cold for temperatures, inflammation, and teething pain. The 2 soft, fabric-covered gel packs that can be frozen or microwaved depending on your needs.

Did you know loud, constant sounds that mimic those in a mother’s womb can help calm a cranky or colicky child? The Shhh...™ Portable Sound Machine does just that with three convenient settings: shushing sounds to help calm an upset baby, heartbeat sounds to lull them into a calmer state, and white noise to help them fall (and stay) asleep. Great to have on hand anytime, but especially useful during colic-fueled screaming fits.

Sometimes, the best way to help a baby settle down is simple. Just add water! With the Sit & Soak™ Dual-Stage bath tub, you can keep even the smallest and squirmiest babies in an upright position. This innovative non-slip tub features a padded backrest and built-in support bump that keeps little ones safe, warm and secure.

We know some days are tough, but mama, you’ve got this, and we’ve got you! Buy these curated essentials together and save 15%.