ColorReveal™ Color Changing Toddler Forks & Spoons

6 Pack

Mealtime magic.

  • Set of 6 fun color changing utensils for kids
  • Ergonomic, toddler-friendly size encourages self-feeding
  • Tips magically change color, depending on food temperature
  • To achieve maximum color change effect, dip into food and stir for ten seconds
  • Includes 3 forks and 3 spoons
  • BPA free, top rack dishwasher safe
  • Great for boys and girls 12 months and up


Getting a toddler to sit still during mealtime takes wizard-like skills - but what if you could enchant them with "magical" forks and spoons instead? ColorReveal™ Toddler Utensils are sure to keep little ones more engaged at the dining table! These toddler spoons and forks are ergonomically designed to fit little hands, and best of all, they reveal a colorful surprise. When they touch warm or cold food, they react with a fun color change (different for each temperature). Magic with every bite to keep little ones entertained? Color us completely captivated.