Milkmakers® Nausea Relief Drops

Berry & Lemon, 30 Lozenges
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Bring on the bump!™

  • Certified organic lozenges with ginger and Vitamin B6 for relief from the nausea associated with pregnancy
  • Includes choline and folic acid to support baby’s growth
  • Fast-acting, doctor-recommended formula
  • Includes 30 individually wrapped lozenges with delicious all natural berry ginger and lemon ginger flavors


Bring on the bump -- and take on the nausea. For many women, pregnancy and queasiness are intertwined, but as you fight morning sickness, Milkmakers® Nausea Relief Drops are here to nurture you. The fast-acting, doctor-recommended formula is made with organic ginger, a natural nausea fighter, plus good-for-baby ingredients like choline and folic acid. The berry and lemon flavors are easy on the tummy too. Hello, sweet relief!

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