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Your body will experience a ton of changes during the 9 months of your pregnancy, so you’ll no doubt want to make yourself as comfortable as you can.

From remedies to morning sickness to soothing belly balm, you’ll love using our comforting prenatal products.

Milkmakers® Nausea Relief Drops

For many expectant moms, morning sickness is a first sign of pregnancy - and an unwelcome symptom that’s highly common during the first trimester. While it can be difficult to find effective relief, our Milkmakers® Nausea Relief Drops are definitely worth a try. These organic lozenges contain ginger and Vitamin B6 to help relieve nausea, in addition to choline and folic acid to support your baby’s growth.

Milkmakers® Prenatal Tea

Another natural nausea relief option is our Milkmakers tea. This organic herbal pregnancy tea helps soothe occasional nausea, as well as heartburn that’s often experienced during the third trimester of pregnancy. Perfect for sipping while relaxing under a cozy blanket and reading some pregnancy books!

Milkmakers® All-Natural Belly Balm

During the second trimester and third trimester of pregnancy, some women experience an itchy belly. This all-natural belly balm is made with coconut oil and shea butter to soothe itchy bellies while also providing nourishment to your skin.

Enjoy giving yourself the prenatal care you deserve with one or more of these soothing prenatal care products.